Sunday Service 9:15 am Sunday Service every Sunday morning

A reflective liturgy reciting psalms and prayers and readings from the Bible. Lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Morning Mon - Sat 6.30am

Midday Prayer Mon - Fri

Evening Prayer Mon - Fri 6.30pm

Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer

Second Thurday of the month, 8pm

Our contemplative prayer meeting follows the format (Rule) of the "Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer"
In summary.. The prayer meeting is 1 hour of contemplation

The hour is divided into three periods of silence
and we contemplate one 'dominical sentence' each month... this sentence is a 'word of God' from the scriptures... for example...
I AM the Lord thy healer
“Behold! I make all things new . . . I AM the resurrection & the life”

The first period of silence follows a brief introduction to the sentence and we silently repeat the sentence to ourselves with a focus on our minds.... receiving understanding

the second period after an even briefer introduction is the same but with a focus on the heart... receiving a feeling engagement with the 'Word'

The third period of silence then follows and we open ourselves fully to allow the 'Word' to fill us...
during this shorter period of silence intercessions provided by the priest in the format of 'The fellowship' and there is also space to name those who we want to pray for.....
Each intercessions is accompanied by the priest uttering the word.... and in silence we send the "Word" from our selves to those for whom we pray...

The intercessions conculde with a prayer of thanksgiving and this concludes the hour of silent contemplation.

The fellowship encourage all to contemplate this same sentence each day throughout the month....