We have received the Holy Spirit so that we might in turn become the Body of Christ and give of ourselves. We can live, in the fullest sense of life, as we give life to each other. Giving in love is the work of creation; it is our creative activity. Please consider prayerfully your contribution to the life of this community - for it is in our common commitment to each other that we can realise ourselves as the Body of Christ.

Our offering is a reflection of the gifts we have received and an expression of our giving to the life of this community.

There is an expectation, implicit in both of the great Christian celebrations, Christmas and Easter, that we shall once again receive God's promise and realise the trust that is given to us, a trust that we can contribute to the abundance of creation by the sharing of ourselves.

The community of St Paul's is a community of faith, a faith that is realised in loving action. Please reflect on your Giving to the continued ministry of this community so that we may become the realisation of this promise.


Giving Envelopes

A new series for the year ahead are available at the back of the church. If you do not use envelopes for your weekly offering, you might like to consider it as a useful aid to “constancy” in your giving. Our community, like our prayer life, is built on regularity, and envelopes help us to remember our giving to this community even on those weeks when we are away. We also offer the opportunity of Direct Debit for your weekly/monthly offering. It is OUR GIVING that enables us to be here – We receive no payments from “the Church” to meet ALL our weekly expenses and our priest’s stipend


Our Regular Giving is what creates our community….
Envelopes - Help us to be regular and to think of what we give…..
And in a similar manner… Direct Debits via your bank achieves the same…… Please Consider Being a REGULAR Giver, for even when you cannot make it to Church, we are still here.

Giving made easy

Banking Information for St Pauls

General Giving: BSB 706 001, account 30003006 – Anglican Parish of

Restoration Account: BSB 706 001, account 30008256 (not tax deductible)

Tax Deductible donations to National Trust BSB 306 089, account
41893259, reference: 1928 and your name

To make a difference...

IGWR It is in Giving that We Receive creating a support resource for the schools and orphanages in Nepal. Donations: BSB 706 001, account 30006088
Just Manna: supporting refugees and all the needy donations: BSB 633-000, account 151597085,

Savings Accounts

Anglican Community Fund offers a number of everyday transactional accounts as well as high interest accounts to really help your savings along.

Giving Plus+ Account

Giving Plus+ is a unique and innovative account that allows clients to assign their right to receive interest on their savings to the Anglican Parish or Agency of their choice. The Giving Plus+ Account is an excellent way to support the Church whilst clients retain savings in their own name.
Nominated Parishes and Agencies are supported by the regular interest contribution, whilst clients have the security and piece of mind that their deposit is held with, and supporting, ACF. This is just two ways in which your deposit benefits the work of the Church.
As Anglican Community Fund is exempt from deeming the Giving Plus+ Account may also benefit pensioners.
Giving Plus+ is another way the Fund is giving back to the Anglican Community.


Diamonds in the Windows:

Bob Miller-Eves has completed the first set of ‘diamonds’ in the southern sanctuary window. Each ‘diamond’ is a memorial gift that remembers and recalls a particular ‘gift’. A memorial book will be completed to complement the windows and to record details of the memorial that each ‘diamond’ represents. Those wishing to have a memorial diamond installed can contact Ronny in the office for details 


Did You Know?

Every Expense associated with St Paul’s comes directly from our Giving…
We pay for the priests stipend (wages)
We pay all the regular Bills – rates, Insurance, Gas, Electricity
We pay every office expense – Computers, Stationery, Photocopying…
We pay for every maintenance job completed on our buildings
And we pay for every ministry activity that reaches beyond our community – such as funding for School Chaplains, Refugees, Emergency relief….
And then… we also pay 16% of our collection to ‘Church Office” for the ministry of the wider Anglican Communion in the Diocese of Perth….
is dependant on OUR GIVING

Some thoughts……

Will we increase our regular giving to enable creative initiatives?
Will we GIVE more of ourselves and INVEST more in St Paul’s?



Our Regular Giving is what creates our community….
Our Giving provides a stipend for our Priest
Our Giving Pays all bills for the church, the hall and the rectory….
Our Giving is all we have to maintain and restore our properties
Our Giving is what we have to Give to others and to the calls for “alms”….
Our Giving supports Chaplains in Schools and enables us to provide the community with the use of the hall…….