We participate in the birth of tomorrow: not just in the day after today but in the birth of every tomorrow.

Getting Together: Every Week

  • Every Wednesday Morning Garden Group
  • Every Friday 5.30pm drinks by the fire pit [Weather permitting]
  • Every Saturday 8:00ish Community $5 Breakfast open to all


Monthly Activities

  • 1st Mon 7.70pm LA/LMP Meeting
  • 1st Tues 10am First Tuesday Club
  • 2nd Thurs 8pm Contemplative Prayer
  • 3rd Mon 7pm Church Council
  • 3rd Tues 10am Elders’ Morning Tea


During coffee check the notice board/table in the hall; it is regularly updated….


We will continue with HeartSong on the first Sunday of each month.


If you’ve not yet followed us on Facebook please have a look. Our page has reflections posted nearly every day, and the ABC news report on St Paul’s, which has now had 2,761,170 views. That’s right, over two million people have had a look at us!

Joining together for prayer at St Paul’s

Morning, evening and midday prayer are held every weekday in the chapel. 6.30am, midday and 6.30pm. All are welcome to share this time in a communal, sacred space.

Saturday Breakfast Hospitality and celebration of life at St Paul’s

Hospitality and celebration of life at St Paul’s We celebrate each Saturday morning with breakfast. Prepared lovingly by some members of the parish, delicious food is served with your choice of coffee. At just $5 you will not get such a sustaining breakfast with such delightful company anywhere else on in the world.

First Tuesday Club:

You are warmly invited to morning coffee at South Beach Café at 10.00am. Meet your friends from St Paul’s and bring others to the delightful venue and grassed area near the ocean.

Garden Group

Wednesday Morning is the time to turnout for the "Garden Group", it is a chance to catch up mid-week, share in some activities and hospitality, and ALL are welcome to pop in. All are invited to spend one hour each week in the garden watering or weeding. It is delightful to spend time in the garden and at this time of year we very much need to care the beautiful grounds, both before the fair and for the lead up to Christmas. If you are unable to spare the time each week please consider putting $5 or $10 in the watering can at the rear of the Church so we pay someone to help with this task.

The Good News to the Church in Beaconsfield

The Parish Council and the Nominators are thrilled to advise that Rev Stuart Fenner has accepted an offer for the position of Rector at St Paul’s, to take effect from 1st April 2018, Easter Sunday. We feel very fortunate to have Rev Stuart, his wife Helena and two sons joining us. He has had a background in teaching and youth and community work, and has been the Rector at the Parish of Swan since 2004. His principal ministry foci include meditation, music, children and youth, men’s ministry, social justice and community engagement. These past months spent in the period between permanent priests have been a rich and rewarding time. We now look forward to the next phase in our life as a Community and Parish. May we hold an openness as we look forward to Rev Stuart’s Commissioning Service and commencement of his ministry here at St Paul’s.

Banking Information for St Pauls

General Giving: BSB 706 001, account 30003006 – Anglican Parish of Beaconsfield Restoration Account: BSB 706 001, account 30008256 (not tax deductible)

Tax Deductible donations to National Trust BSB 306 089, account 41893259, reference: 1928 and your name

To make a difference...

IGWR It is in Giving that We Receive creating a support resource for the schools and orphanages in Nepal. Donations: BSB 706 001, account 30006088

Just Manna: supporting refugees and all the needy donations: BSB 633-000, account 151597085

Just Manna Incorporated - AGM Report- October 2017


Church Restoration

The church restoration work currently under way. Stage one (of four stages) addresses water damage over a long period of time. Stage One (South Side). Work is nearing completion with 80% of the cost covered. Two extra small jobs involving foundation drainage and the small entry window on the south side have also needed to be undertaken. A further $3,000 is required to pay for all the remaining work. Your donation will see the work fully paid. The finished work is stunning.

Stage Two (Front). Fundraising is underway, with the cost estimated at $11,000. So far 50% of the funds needed have been donated. Halleluiah! It would be most cost and time efficient if stage two could immediately follow on from stage one. Please speak to Maureen Lucivero (Treasurer) or a member of the Church Council to contribute, or place your financial donation or statement of future commitment in a sealed envelope marked ‘St Paul’s Restoration’ as part of the normal giving at services. Some parishioners are making regular direct bank debit for this on-going work. We are doing the work without going into debt. All donations to St Paul’s National Trust Fund are tax deductible and a receipt will be issued as/if required.

Thank You

Thank you for being here. Your presence is a light that illuminates the Divine in all Life.

Thank You for being here, for only in others can we discover the unity of spirit for ourselves; and so we give thanks for each other as we share this wonderful space together.

Christabel thanks everyone who made her 70th Birthday celebration
such a lovely gathering of community family and friends. St Paul's shone!

Our Thanks Page

Thank you for all who shared in our start to Advent and helped with the Advent Carol Service last Sunday. Thank you to the readers, the musicians, to Cassie for lighting the candles and to all who attended, to mark together the beginning of a liturgical new season and a new year.



Please have a look at our “public face” website. It is NOT a replacement for the current site; rather it is intended as an introduction to St Paul's for new visitors and as we are looking for a new Rector we are likely to be visited by prospective candidates. Please make any suggestions that might improve on this 'work in progress'. Please also follow the link to our Facebook page. stpaulsbeaconsfieldwa


Peter's last Sunday Audio

Trinity Sunday 11 June 2017 Part 1 mp3 Trinity Sunday 11 June 2017 Part 2 mp3

Christians and Muslims Break Bread ABC Video

Perth Anglican Church welcomes Muslims ABC Video


Just Manna:

Just Manna: In recent weeks, Just Manna has been delighted to respond to request for support from Syrian refugees who have settled in Perth. We have a specific on-going need from one family for nappies for 2 of their children, a 12 month of baby and a severely disabled 9 year old girl. The cost of the nappies is putting the family in financial difficulty. A basket will be made available in church on Sunday mornings for those who would
like to donate nappies( sizes 10-15 kg and 10-18 kg)
Cash donations are also welcome... see Laurel, Michael or Joan.


In Giving We Receive Our giving to enable and empower children in Nepal is where Peter is now looking to establish a model that will make this project sustainable. We still need to build foundations that will secure our current commitments and invite you to join us in making a real difference by sharing with us as a regular sponsor for the work that is already giving life to those in real need. You might also consider visiting Nepal as a volunteer and so delight in seeing the reality of all that is being achieved. [contact Peter or Maureen if you would like to know more]?


If inequality is fundamentally about not having equal opportunity, then we must do what we can to improve opportunities to ensure that everyone has the benefits of education, health and health services, access to credit, access to rights and an ability to hold those in power accountable. [TARGET Issue 2 2017]

One-to-one help with computers.

I can help with setting up and using email, accessing and using the Internet, basic computer skills, using iPads and smart phones, installing and using programs. I’m happy to teach or simply fix any problems you’re currently having. Local companies are charging $130 per half hour callout fees; my rate is just $50/half hour for Freo area. Jeff Burge, j01burge@gmail.com or mobile 0458 568 266

Quantum Collects

We are using material from a collection of collects and short commentaries on the week’s readings for the three–year liturgical cycle that Peter has compiled. Peter will eventually publish this collection, possibly as an ebook, and is happy for them to be used each week.

Meditative space before the service:

We are a sociable congregation; we love talking to one another and this is a good thing. So good is it that we provide an opportunity to "catch up" over tea and coffee in the Hall. It only becomes a problem when our talkativeness intrudes on the meditative space created by our musicians who have been asked to come 30 minutes before the commencement of the service proper. Both are good - our sociability and our capacity for silence - they just need to be kept apart. To talk over our musicians is to dishonour their contribution to our worship and those who seek its meditative introduction. David Hawks

Hosting the Elders’ Morning Tea:

each third Tuesday of the month at 10 am a morning get together of the ‘Church Elders’ is a time for sharing and an opportunity for us to show hospitality to our ‘elders’. If you would like to cater (or help in catering) for one of these monthly gatherings please let Ronny know.

Elders’ Morning Tea drivers wanted

A number of our EMT participants are experiencing difficulty in getting to and from our monthly EMT. If you can assist our senior members getting to and from EMT, then please contact Ruth on 9336 2193. EMT is held on the 3rd Tuesday each month.

Reflections on the Discussion Group.

On most weekday mornings I send a reflection (poem or prayer or excerpt), often with a photo, to the Discussion group. I have also created a group mailing list for those who are not on Discussion group. If you would like to be put added to the list, please let me know. This is one contribution I can make to the prayer and contemplative life of St Paul’s. I always send “BCC” so that others’ email addresses are not shown. My email is gabbydeans@westnet.com.au.


Ruth is collecting used stamps, which are sold by some charities to raise money. Any stamps you have will be gratefully received.

The Symbolism of the Anglican Liturgy

The season of Advent is an auspicious time to “Prepare” and to “Be Aware” and so it can be helpful for us to question and attend to the actual rituals of the Church so that we can more fully understand the liturgy that we all participate in. Following the ‘Confession and Absolution’, an intentional preparation for ‘Communion’, we claim ourselves as ‘the Body of Christ’. We then receive from the priest the ‘Peace of the Lord’; and ‘exchange a sign of peace’ with those alongside us. This ‘sign’ is then immediately followed by the bringing of ‘the gifts of the people’ to the altar; first the ‘Bread, Wine and Water’ the elements for communion; and then our ‘offerings’, our giving into the community of St Paul’s. These ritual movements are all linked and serve to give meaning to our common celebration of communion.

What’s the significance of the tree symbol?

We’ve used the icon of a tree throughout the year and especially at Christmas as it gives us a grounded, or earthed, image for contemplation, and thereby encourages us to look at ourselves. Although not readily seen as a classic “Christian” image or symbol, it also serves to remind us of ‘the one who dies on a tree’ and the many references to trees throughout the Scriptures.


On Monday (and the first Monday of each month) those involved in our Sunday liturgy meet to review, plan and give shape to our Sunday services.

Can we send these seven students to Uni?

Uni students

We need 28 sponsors who will commit $16/week over four years and then we can send these seven students to Uni. Contact Maureen if you can help


Four choirs sharing the St Paul’s precinct for the weekend. Imagine summer concerts, community workshops and shared meals. Imagine Christians and Muslims sharing the same space for prayer. Imagine a small community living around the church meeting everyday, morning and evening to pray the unfolding of creation. Imagine St Paul’s

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

In the light of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, we would like to advise that there are a number of expectations placed on clergy and laity who hold office in the Diocese. A document has been placed on the church notice board stating the expectations and the training that is required. 

If any of you have suffered abuse, or know of anyone who has suffered, we encourage you to make contact with the Director of Professional Standards, Ms Tracie Chambers-Clark 9425 7203, or the police.

In Giving We Receive

IGWR provides 70 children with full-time education; our students range from grade one school to 3rd year university, it is a long term commitment. If you can contribute to sponsoring a child’s education or giving a child a home in one of our IGWR Houses in Nepal, please contact Peter or Maureen We can, each and all, make a difference in the world

"The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few; therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest.”

Please check out the list of regular and one-off maintenance jobs and consider joining the labourers.


What happens to the photos? Each week you will see me trying to capture the children with my camera in church, or strolling in the garden peering at some apparently innocuous plant. The best of these photos are sent to the Discussion group and Rosemary places them on the website in the Gallery. Some end up in the service sheet if they are clear enough as black and white images (only one today). During and since Lent I have been including them with my (almost) daily posts on the Discussion site. Thank you to all the photogenic people and things who grace the photos! Gabby



The word "deacon" is derived from the Greek word diákonos (διάκονος), which is a standard ancient Greek word meaning "servant", "waiting-man", "minister", or "messenger".

We are exploring the liturgical role of the Deacon and Rev’d Michael makes visible in our liturgy today all four meanings of these descriptive meanings in his role, serving both the altar and the people, waiting in relation to the priest and the people, ministering in a leading position in the liturgy; and being a messenger in the reading of the gospel.

It also provides for us all, an opportunity see anew the overall shape and meaning of our liturgy and all are encouraged to question and explore further this rite of thanksgiving that is so central to our faith and life.

Flower Roster

Thank you to those who generously volunteer to arrange the lovely floral displays in the church each week. Would you like to be added to the roster? It’s a delightful opportunity to contribute in this special way to the life and beauty of St Paul’s. Arrangements don’t have to be elaborate - small, simple displays with flowers from the church garden are fine. Please contact Ronny on 9335 2242 or email her at ronny.stpauls@gmail.com.

People's Climate



Petre Foundation Chairman Daniel Petre said: “On an asset basis affluent Americans currently give around 10%-15% percent of their net worth to philanthropy. Their Australian counterparts seem to be allocating less than 3%...... If Australia’s 20 wealthiest families allocated 20 percent of their wealth to a private foundation, it would create a total of $11.7 billion dollars generating income of around $560 million a year.


Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?' Martin Luther King, Jr.

We need ‘Good Samaritans’

NEW YORK, 28 June 2016 – Based on current trends, 69 million children under five will die from mostly preventable causes, 167 million children will live in poverty, and 750 million women will have been married as children by 2030 “Denying hundreds of millions of children a fair chance in life does more than threaten their futures – by fuelling intergenerational cycles of disadvantage, it imperils the future of their societies,” said UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake. “We have a choice: Invest in these children now or allow our world to become still more unequal and divided.”

More from UNICEF

Although education plays a unique role in levelling the playing field for children, the number of children who do not attend school has increased since 2011, and a significant proportion of those who do go to school are not learning. About 124 million children today do not go to primary- and lower-secondary school, and almost 2 in 5 who do finish primary school have not learned how to read, write or do simple arithmetic.  The report points to evidence that investing in the most vulnerable children can yield immediate and long-term benefits. Cash transfers, for example, have been shown to help children stay in school longer and advance to higher levels of education. On average, each additional year of education a child receives increases his or her adult earnings by about 10 per cent. And for each additional year of schooling completed, on average, by young adults in a country, that country’s poverty rates fall by 9 per cent. Inequity is neither inevitable, nor insurmountable, the report argues.

World Views

The United States has 800 military bases outside US borders, which cost taxpayers an estimated $100 billion, annually. All of the other countries in the world combined only have 30 bases outside their borders.


A study by the World Institute for Development Economics Research at United Nations University reports that the richest 1% of adults alone owned 40% of global assets in the year 2000, and that the richest 10% of adults accounted for 85% of the world total. The bottom half of the world adult population owned 1% of global wealth. Moreover, another study found that the richest 2% own more than half of global household assets.


One of the smaller details lost amidst the tremendous historic and scientific achievements of the Apollo 11 mission that landed the first two human beings on the moon in July 1969 was that it also marked the first occasion on which a Christian took the sacrament of Communion on an astronomical body other than Earth. This event took place in the interval between the lunar module's landing on the moon on 20 July 1969 and Neil Armstrong's taking his first steps on the lunar surface several hours later; during that period, astronaut Buzz Aldrin privately observed Communion using elements he had brought with him to the moon. (Source: Many references on Net, incl Snopes)

First Tuesday Club

Coffee morning 10 am at South Beach Cafe All ages welcome!

First Tuesday Club


A New Eden

As we seek to realise RESURRECTION we might open ourselves to new sight and to insight, become aware of our changing world and also of the changes we could bring to light in the world. The opening of the southern church door, is perhaps symbolic of a new opening, and invitation into a new entry, and the rolling away of the stone; it is a sign of new light. Michael’s ordination marks a new beginning for our ministry and serves as an example that we too can look for new ways to commit to the future. Removing the cross from the central position of the altar ask us to contemplate what is central to our lives and faith. And with the Easter cross behind us, what do we discover as we emerge into the new Eden. Changes to the liturgy likewise ask us to look again at our prayer life and to seek a deeper understanding of our attending to worship.

The Song of ANZAC

Onward Christian soldiers, march to the song Great adventure, a fine chance for glory We had God on our side; what could go wrong

Straight backed and tall, we strode proudly along Rifles at slant, sure of our victory Onward Christian soldiers, march to the song

Out from the towns, forty thousand men strong Down to the ships, sail into history We had God on our side; what could go wrong

On a cold Sunday morn, wretched and long At Anzac we made our offertory Onward Christian soldiers, march to the song

Death stalked gully and ridge, striking its gong The stones cried out, refrain for our story We had God on our side; what could go wrong

The sound of the bugle calls to the throng Slow notes whispering valedictory Onward Christian soldiers, march to the song We had God on our side; what could go wrong

Ruari Jack Hughes

Access Ramp

A portable access ramp will be positioned over the steps to the sanctuary immediately before and after Sunday worship.  To avoid steps, please enter and leave the church via the chapel. The ramp will be removed during the service. Please note the ramp is not designed for motorised scooters. 

Be Still and Know that I AM God

Please be honouring to those who desire the stillness and prayerful silence at the beginning of the service and during the Eucharist. Conversations can always take place outside of the church, or later after the service.

Service sheet notices:

For important notices or events you want included in the service sheet, could you please email me on Gabby or Ronny (who will forward it to me) by the Wednesday. For regular events I would appreciate an email each time; this is particularly important for events that happen on ‘first’ or ‘second’ etc, days in a month, as a ‘first Monday’ can occur after a ‘first Tuesday’! I will flag the email for inclusion in the following week’s sheet. If everyone helps with this it will be less likely that I forget. Thank you, Gabby

Watering the Garden:

The wonderful gardens here at St Paul’s are stressing under the current bout of very hot weather. If you have some spare time, how about doing a bit of watering, anywhere, any time on the church precinct? Our beautiful gardens would really appreciate your care

Access Ramp

A portable access ramp will be positioned over the steps to the sanctuary immediately before and after Sunday worship.  To avoid steps, please enter and leave the church via the chapel. The ramp will be removed during the service. Please note the ramp is not designed for motorised scooters. 

Circles of Sharing

Circles of sharing and hospitality are starting to bubble up at St Paul’s. Maybe it is time for YOU to invite a few people you know, for a simple meal of bread and soup and share with them your doubts, and your dreams.

Another doctor in the house!

Congratulations to Linda Blagg on her recently awarded PhD. It represents five years of a labour of love for the planet and humanity. Welcome Dr Blagg!

Definitions from the Cafe

Inoculatte (v): To take coffee intravenously when you are running late. Decafalon (n.): The gruelling event of getting through the day consuming only things that are good for you Coffee, n. the person upon whom one coughs.

A delightful quote from the previous (German) pope:

We were looking for a 'good shepherd,' and instead we got a German shepherd.[Pope Benedict XVI]

Morning Tea Roster

Volunteers needed for Sunday morning tea duty. A new roster is being preparing and more volunteers are needed. The more who volunteer the fewer number of times you are called upon. Please contact Ruth to become one of this elite hospitality group

Beyond St Paul’s

Much of our “ministry” and our contribution to the wider community takes place “beyond’ the parish. We currently have four distinct groups that contribute together to our “giving’ in the wider community:

JUST MANNA:working with New Australians and the disadvantaged.

IGWR: supporting over 60 children in Nepal and working with three schools to improve educational opportunities

REACH for LIFE: providing restorative justice programs in our prison system.

BEYOND St Paul’s INC: is operational but with little activity and is there to provide financial management directed toward our ministries beyond the parish.

Deathbed Requests.

A retired priest made an interesting observation after many years of ministering to those close to death and dying. Always on their deathbed the cry was for those who were held in love, never did he hear anyone ask for one more look at their bank statement.

Scam Warning.

If you receive a call from “Telecom” and they are trying to fix a fault on your line, DO NOT follow any instructions that ask you do things on your computer. A good rule is NEVER take instructions over the phone to fix your computer problems or to do any ‘security procedures’(password updates) associated with your banking

Pastoral Services

In completing the annual diocesan returns the following ‘pastoral services were recorded for last year: 15 Baptisms 11 Weddings, 13 Funerals.

Just Manna project

Thank you to all those who generously donated towards the vehicle for a client in need. If any one has white goods, specifically we are needing a washing machine. Also any working computers.  Please contact Joan or Claire

Morning Tea

Desperately seeking new people to join the list of those who help at Morning Tea on Sundays. We need three on duty together - to help set up the Hall before church, bring some refreshments and clean up at the end. Please give your name to Ruth


Quality items or any description for sale on “Gum Tree” as a fundraising initiative for St Paul’s. Shared profit from individual sale items will be available on request. Goods can be stored on the Church precinct. We are also seeking a coordinator for this project. Basic computer skills required. Please contact Joan if you are able to help with goods or with the coordination.

Congratulations to Peter Newman for his Australia Day award

Officer of the Order of Australia (AO)

For distinguished service to science education as an academic and researcher, through contributions to urban design and transport sustainability, and to the community


If you are disgusted by the political debate regarding refugees, please say so! Write/email any member of the government (any party). And consider what you will do if you cannot vote “for” any party’s policies.

Working With Children Check

Due to the Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse, it is now a policy of the Diocese and St Paul’s, that every person working with children must have a Working With Children Check. If you help out with the Sparkles group (even infrequently) and don’t have a WWCC, please collect an application form from the Post Office – fee is $10.30.  Once you have received your card, let Ronny know the card number and expiry date and these will be forwarded to the Diocesan Office


As part of Pastoral Care I will be available for energy-based treatments for health and well-being. This will be available in the meditation room the 4th Friday of each month. Please call me for appointments or questions. Claire 0415745812 


Purchase olive oil and assist the Sycamore Tree

Project John White is one of the volunteer Sycamore Tree Project facilitators without whom that most valuable source of healing for prisoners and victims of crime would not continue to operate and he gives a day a week.  He also produces an excellent olive oil – superior quality, organic, extra virgin – which he sells for $40.00 for a two litre flagon.  Purchasing oil from him will help him continue his work with the S ycamore Tree Project.  Pick up a flyer from the hall for more details or see Laurel Ellis to make an order.

"And who is my neighbour?"

The total capacity of the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground [MCG] is approximately 100,000. By Australian standards that’s a good crowd, but by no means is it a very large number of people compared with our population. With that number in mind consider the political spin associated with the “large numbers” of “boat people” coming to our shores. The highest annual arrival rate was in 2001 (and that was a record): 5000 arrived! Although we are expecting record breaking numbers of 6000+ this year……. At that rate it would take 20 years to fill the MCG with ‘boat people’ Another interesting number to give further perspective – it is estimated that “each year and about 50,000 visa over-stayers from such places as New Zealand, Britain and the US.” That’s a 10 times bigger problem and one with no political spin! "And who is my neighbour?" Obviously NOT those who come uninvited by boat. Last year, Australia received only 1.6 per cent of the asylum applications made across 44 industrialised nations. What are we missing?..... Albert Einstein was a refugee. Bob Marley was a refugee..


Interest Free Loans

Bob Matthews has details for those willing to provide “interest free loans” to offset the interest that accumulates to our outstanding loan. Those who can provide loans are asked to contact Bob Matthews and he will provide details of the direct debit to facilitate your loan and also will prepare a loan agreement.

“A New Creation”

Three questions that were posed at our AGM: 1. Does my belonging to St Paul’s give me life? 2. Does my involvement at St Paul’s give life to others? 3. Does St Paul’s depend upon my financial giving? My response to these questions relating to St Paul’s are a resounding “yes”, well in relation to the second question, I certainly hope so.

(Joan Jessup)

Memorial Windows

We still have a number of ‘purple diamonds’ to assign as memorials in the North Window. The individual panes are recorded in the Church porch. We give thanks for the light of love that always shines in our lives.

Psalm for an Honest Man

(for Alan Albany, 11 August 1946 – 7 July 2012)

Where are you now, star man, out there in the heavens Beyond the planets, galaxies, where in great universe

You have left us behind, still anchored on this small rock While you soar into those spaces watched and studied

Searching the light which streams from time’s beginning Seeking the light which flowed from that infinite brilliance

We remember you in those times we shared Those years, days when we were all together

When we ran off in our hasty beliefs, our erratic notions When you pulled us gently back, explaining a clearer way

You walked a steady path, though surely there were obstacles In the end, gently, with grace, you stepped past last one

There was no excuse made, no blame laid or reason sought Only the honest claim, a hope for some rest before going

What have you discovered beyond the veil of night What do you already know that we must wait and wonder

We wanted you here longer, there was more to say It was too soon, much soon for you to leave

While we wait our turn, we will recall you, your quiet smile We have stayed behind for now, but we’ll join you by and by

Ruari Jack Hughes


The following comments come from ‘The Guardian’ in relation to the latest United Nations report on Global trends in displacement by UNHCR:

On an average day in 2012, 23,000 people were forced to flee their homes around the world, which is more than total number of people claiming asylum in Australia for the entire year.

The statistics reveal that Australia had 0.3% of the world’s refugees at the end of 2012, or just over 30,000. Pakistan had the highest number of refugees with 1,638,456, which is 16.58% of the world’s total.

Countries bearing the biggest burden of refugees tend to be in the developing world. Pakistan last year continued to host more refugees than any other country (1.6 million), followed by Iran (868,200) and Germany (589,700).


Do something Special

Today, there are 211 young people in the Perth Metropolitan area that need a place to call home.  Fostering Futures is looking for overnight, short term and long term carers to give a young person support and a home. You will receive training, ongoing support and financial assistance. Make a difference to a young person’s future. Contact by email elisam@anglicarewa.org.au or call 9263 2070.


Spring Clean:

Tranby House would very much welcome donations of GOOD used men’s clothing. Especially with the cold winter weather there is a demand for warm clothes and also waterproof clothes (incl shoes). Donations to Tranby House, unit 6, 5 Aberdeen Street East Perth (9220 1200). If you have a load to take please put a notice in next week’s sheet if you could also deliver for someone else.


ANGLICARE   The need for food is great ... our basket is empty!


Positions Vacant: The Gardening Group needs YOU on Wednesday mornings. Now is a lovely time to become a St Paul's gardener. There's plenty to do –watering, weeding, planting, sweeping, pruning, harvesting, AND chatting over a lovely morning tea - much more fun to do together. See Debbie Gwynne and turn up each Wednesday!


They are forever free who renounce all selfish desires and break away from the ego-cage of the "I", "me" and "mine" to be united with the Lord. Attain to this, and pass from death to immortality. Bhagavad Gita 2.71 (Hindu Scriptures)


Thoughts from the newspaper headlines:

  • Under-30s are 'generation rent'.
  • The marriage of church and state is anything but gay.
  • Tax statistics show 8000 Australians earning more than $1m per year – more than 1/3 of them made no charitable gift.
  • WA average charitable giving is $303/year – the national average is $424 which is lower than the rest of the western world.


No Child Should Die From Hunger act for peace Horn of Africa Emergency Appeal envelopes were handed out last week. You may still donate directly through the office or via the offertory plate in any clearly marked envelope


GLOBALISATON is OUR business: "We are on the threshold of a new era. The greatest responsibilities of our age rest not only with the big nation powers of the modern world, but also with the host of small nations, those whose ancient dreams are on the verge of extinction." Ben Okri


Cyber Notices Please find the latest issue of the Pastoral and Leadership Advisory, together with attachments


Our Thanks page is so big it has its own page

Truth (as opposed to Political Spin)

The total capacity of the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground [MCG] is approximately 100,000. By Australian standards that’s a good crowd, but by no means is it a very large number of people compared with our population. With that number in mind consider the political spin associated with the “large numbers” of “boat people” coming to our shores. The highest annual arrival rate was in 2001 (and that was a record): 5000 arrived! At that rate it would take 20 years to fill the MCG with ‘boat people’

Significant Movements

We have received a bequest of $30,000 from the estate of Eddie Vagg. This is a significant milestone in the life of the St Paul’s community and illustrates a growing generosity toward the sustainable life of the parish. We give thanks for all who contribute toward the ongoing life and ministry of St Paul’s.


USED STAMPS Rotarians in this country have been collecting them for 30 years, the sale of which helps to provide food for the Third World. Over 5 million stamps are sent from Australia each year. The money goes through Oxfam in England and gives aid to various countries in Africa. Some is sent to the Rotary Club in Chennai ( formerly Madras ) where it is helping to build a new Hospital and also a new Primary school, in a very depressed area. It doesn’t cost you anything, so please collect your used stamps and give them to Ruth. It is an immensely worthwhile thing to do and helps to continue the success of this project.


The Anglican Diocese of Perth is keen to help parishes reduce their carbon emissions with Solar Power. To assist Parishes they have established a business relationship with “Unlimited Solar” who are able to offer what appear to be good deals to parishes for both Church buildings and parishioners homes. If you are interested contact Michael Jessup.


Home Groups.... are a delightful way of offering hospitality and sharing hospitality. They can also give us a chance to meet regularly to look at questions of faith and to share our unfolding Christian journey. Please consider inviting a few to meet regularly - maybe over bread & soup to keep the catering simple... Home Groups


All that we have is what we share: St Paul’s receives no income that it does not create itself: In the busyness of our day-to-day living it is so easy to be caught up in our own affairs. Making time to serve each other, and to sow the seeds of a New Creation can sometimes be relegated to a desire that comes to life on Sunday mornings. In our financial giving we support each other in and through the ministry of the Church. Our regular commitment, like regular prayer, provides us with a framework in which to gain a perspective on everything we do, Please take time to reflect on that which you give to the common and that which you contribute to the life and future of the church, for it is our dependence on each other that gives us strength and hope. “whenever we have an opportunity, let us work for the good of all” Gal 6:10


Jamieson-Bystock Trust - This is the trust started by Chris Jamieson’s parents and sisters. Go to http://www.jbtrust.org.uk and follow the links to History. As Chris says: ‘In History my father is in the pool and my mum seated on the wall. The three girls and one boy hacking at the undergrowth are from Italy, France, USA and UK and were part of a camp which I ran as a teenager. Love the "Spirit of Bystock".


Keep Sharing

it does make a difference

Some comments about the Chapel via the internet

  • Our chapel this morning at sunrise with the full moon in attendance
  • She is beautiful, but then so are all those who participated in any way large or small
  • an afternoon of community with a capital C.
  • How great was that, can see the future which involves regular, community use of an incredible space.
  • Singing and acoustics were wondrous.


Giving made easy

GIVING ENVELOPES A new series for the year ahead are available at the back of the church. If you do not use envelopes for your weekly offering, you might like to consider it as a useful aid to “constancy” in your giving. Our community, like our prayer life, is built on regularity, and envelopes help us to remember our giving to this community even on those weeks when we are away. We also offer the opportunity of Direct Debit for your weekly/monthly offering. It is OUR GIVING that enables us to be here – We receive no payments from “the Church” to meet ALL our weekly expenses and our priest’s stipend


Direct debit forms are available from the back of the church and the hall for anyone who wants to use this facility.  St Paul’s Beaconsfield bank account details are:

Savings Accounts

Anglican Community Fund offers a number of everyday transactional accounts as well as high interest accounts to really help your savings along. Giving Plus+ Account Giving Plus+ is a unique and innovative account that allows clients to assign their right to receive interest on their savings to the Anglican Parish or Agency of their choice. The Giving Plus+ Account is an excellent way to support the Church whilst clients retain savings in their own name. Nominated Parishes and Agencies are supported by the regular interest contribution, whilst clients have the security and piece of mind that their deposit is held with, and supporting, ACF. These are just two ways in which your deposit benefits the work of the Church. As Anglican Community Fund is exempt from deeming the Giving Plus+ Account may also benefit pensioners. Giving Plus+ is another way the Fund is giving back to the Anglican Community.


Diamonds in the Windows:

Bob Miller-Eves has completed the first set of ‘diamonds’ in the southern sanctuary window…. Each ‘diamond’ is a memorial gift that remembers and recalls a particular ‘gift’….. A memorial book will be completed to compliment the windows and to record details of the memorial that each ‘diamond’ represents…… Those wishing to have a memorial diamond installed can contact Ronny in the office for details…


Achievable Economics – Peter H

(an extract from my observation of the school here in Kathmandu) The annual accounts for last year (ending July 15th) showed the total running costs the school as… 4200,000Rps or US$56,000……. That is……. US$4,660 per month To run a boarding school…. Including rent of premises, all teaching/admin staff…. All food, bedding, clothing, health care…. EVERYTHING…. For 160 Children This poses a real question for the ‘developed’ nations of the world.. WHY ARE WE NOT EDUCATING, FEEDING and HOUSING ALL CHILDREN EVERWHERE…..? WHY are we not sharing…. And giving more? As well as asking a question to search the soul of humanity it also illustrates an enormous potential…….With a ‘little’ a lot can be achieved…….It shows that WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE  +++++++++++++++++++++++

Please be careful

Parking, Security, Safety all will need attending to as the building work progresses…. And as we Change, Move, Relocate and Re-Create so too we will need some patience as we tread on each other’s toes at times

Signs of Global HOPE…

  • “Germany…. a nation renowned for its car industry now has more people employed in the renewable energy sector than in the automotive sector” “…with German lawmakers last month approving a plan to put a million electric cars on German roads by 2020”
  • “ In June, a report from the United Nations Environment Program advised that last year investment in new power generation capacity from renewable energy technologies was more than investment in fossil-fuelled technologies”
  • “China is now the world’s biggest producer of renewable energy, and is planning far more renewable than nuclear”
  • “Australia – with arguably the world’s best resources in almost every category of biomass, geothermal, solar, wave and wind – has been lagging behind in the scale of investment and in the strength of commitment” Source: West Australian 11/9/09


Have you a copy of Larrikin Angel, biography of Sister Veronica Brady, written by our feloow parishioner Kath Jordan yet?


Happy Planet Index: People in the Netherlands live on average over a year longer than people in the USA, and have similar levels of life satisfaction - yet their per capita ecological footprint is less than half the size (4.4 global hectares compared with 9.4 global hectares). The Netherlands is over twice as ecologically efficient at achieving good lives as the USA. Australia’s footprint 7.8 global hectares and India’s 0.9 global hectares


Global Credit Crisis… The Way Ahead

It is becoming more obvious each day (except to our Politicians & Bankers) that the way forward is not to get back into the routine that created the crisis….. The way ahead is NOT the continuing investment in Self……. But rather in sharing and creating the wealth of the common…. investing in community…… NOW is the time to look again at … 1. Investing more in realizing our East End Project… Building a new framework for the future 2. Helping to establish the “St Paul’s & Beyond FOUNDATION”… investing in the proposed unit development that is aimed to create a ‘foundation’ for future sustainable ministry in this community. 3. Increasing our “weekly/monthly” GIVING… to enable new initiatives HERE…. And to enable us to appreciate that “It is in GIVING that We RECEIVE”


Definitions from the Cafe

Inoculatte: To take coffee intravenously when you are running late. Decafalon (n.): The gruelling event of getting through the day consuming only things that are good for you Coffee, n. the person upon whom one coughs.


Investing in a Sustainable Future

Beaconsfield has changed over the years…. From humble beginnings we are now part of lifestyle community that has many advantages over the much of the ‘suburban’ metropolitan spread….. The Median House Price for Beaconsfield is now $750,000, the average rental in Beaconsfield is $390 per week……. And with the projected increase in energy costs, a coastal life style and access to the City of Fremantle is likely to attract more and more into our wider community… The presence of St Paul’s in the heart of the Beaconsfield community continues to call the wider community to an acknowledgement of “all that is Good” ……. And as we Build on our foundations, so too we renew and re-create the very presence of the Divine in this place.


St Patrick’s Cathedral Parramatta A delightful story of rebuilding a church….. So like our story and full of inspiration….. As WE “Re Build” St Paul’s we should be awake to the Divine Work that we are doing together…. Opening new possibilities, changing the shape of the Church, of ourselves… and becoming NEW… and maybe being seen anew…


SUSTAINABILITY…. Please consider including the St Paul’s Community as a beneficiary in your will… Much of the major restoration work undertaken by Churches around the world is achieved via bequests… When you consider the future demands of our community, it is easy to appreciate how we would all benefit from such bequests.


‘In-Convenience’… If the toilet rolls are missing… It is not that we’re stingy.. rather, the TR Monster has been around again….. Some great Ideas to help overcome this Inconvenience We could ask everyone to “be prepared”, i.e. bring your own. Keep a hidden stash somewhere. Provide the congregation with a few sheets in the pew sheet. Roster volunteers to stand guard for intervals during the service.


Children & Youth

We’re looking to create more opportunities for our ‘younger members’..... And invite YOU to share in the community building that is our Sunday School and other “Youth” related activities. If you would like to participate please add your name to the list in the hall... We will schedule a meeting to share ideas in the week following Pentecost.... We are also planning a week-day Youth Event Program (YEP that’s right) for the senior(ish) members.. so please add to the list in the hall anyone from 11-15 years of age whom you know who might be interested.......


Sacred Space, Liturgy & our Community @ Worship

As we seek to offer our best in worship these guidelines may be helpful.

1. Silence before worship enables us to be ‘gathered’ into the introit sung by the choir 2. Conversations with others are often our way of avoiding those more divine words that search for us. 3. The sanctuary ‘space’ is ‘held’ by those who lead our worship; please keep to a minimum any movement in this space and, at the end of our service, please wait until the choir have finished singing before entering.


Our own directory for the website


Do you or your family members offer goods and services? Know of a very good business or service you would recommend? Fill in the slip and give to Rosemary or email information to her.


How to switch to Green Energy Switching to Green Energy is easy. Just call 13 13 53 to sign-up over the phone


JUST MANNA St Paul’s Refugee Support Initiative was ‘launched by Dr Carmen Lawrence … Please see Laurel, Angela, Lyn, Fe or Joan for details to join in and help with our ministry of Hospitality

launch Photos


GAZETTE…. Page 17 See press releases An article (full page) on St Paul’s by Ali Biddescombe Thanks Ali for a great write up..


Refugee support

While government acceptance of refugees has dropped off in recent times, refugees already in WA are sponsoring family members so that quite large numbers are still arriving. And, as you might imagine, they need to make huge adjustments in their lives and need considerable support to become functioning members of our society. Various members of the St Paul’s community have been and still are involved in refugee support activities, and we have been contacted by CARAD (Coalition for Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Detainees) to see if we want to become volunteers (they provide training) and/or to form a refugee support group under their umbrella. Several of us are interested and we would like to know of any others who might like to join us. Please talk to Angela Wilson or Lyn Sherwood, or email Laurel Ellis at laurmike@iinet.net.au.


Worth Exploring Explore faith Especially to find out how you personally grow in faith.



As our Government ducks and weaves and blames others, this adage from China seems appropriate: The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago; the second best time is now. Gabby Dean ****************************************



++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ THE CLIMATE INSTITUTE AUSTRALIA LTD The current drought highlights just how vulnerable the country is to climate change. This is our greatest challenge. As a matter of urgency, there has to be a national reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We should have been reducing emissions, instead the Australian Government has let them increase by 10% over the last ten years, and its policy will cause a further increase of 17% by 2020.



Our Regular Giving is what creates our community…. Our Giving provides a stipend for our Priest Our Giving Pays all bills for the church, the hall and the rectory…. Our Giving is all we have to maintain and restore our properties Our Giving is what we have to Give to others and to the calls for “alms”…. Our Giving supports Chaplains in Schools and enables us to provide the community with the use of the hall…….

Envelopes - Help us to be regular and to think of what we give….. And in a similar manner… Direct Debit achieves the same…… Please Consider Being a REGULAR Giver for even when you cannot make it to Church – we are still here.