What is Sparkle?

Sparkle stands for: "St Paul's All-Ages Religious Knowledge Learning
Experience" which runs at the same time as the St Paul’s Sunday
morning service at 9.15pm in the hall for kids and teens. Adults are
also welcome to attend at any time.d

If you have any questions about the sunday school, feel free to contact us.

Who are we?

We are a team of mostly qualified teachers, dedicated to passing on
the faith to our children in a professional and thoughtful manner. We
meet regularly to discuss future themes, encourage each other and make

Plan for now

Our roster is currently working on a monthly cycle.
1st Sunday: Activities in the hall,
2nd Sunday:?,
3rd Sunday: Activities in the hall,
4th Sunday: Children in church
5th Sunday (not many): Family Day

What we do

We teach the traditional version of (protestant/Anglican)
Christianity, using story, activities and crafts. At least 90% of our teaching is based on the New Testament; the life and teachings of Jesus, and Paul the Apostle. We are 'content based', meaning that we avoid telling the child how to think about the material we present, trusting that it speaks for itself. Our approach is based on these three objectives:

Our approach is
based on these three objectives:

1. Character Development -

ie virtues, stories of biblical heroes and
saints, parables, inspiring sayings of Jesus and Paul, proverbs, etc.

2. Foundations –

To expand the child’s knowledge of what the bible is,
who wrote it, its history, Christian history, liturgy and traditions,
the main characters etc. The goal is that the child will develop a
framework, or "pegs", for later knowledge to be acquired and

3. A Positive Experience of church and Christianity -

ie enjoyable activities, fun and games, laughter etc, so the kids associate
positive experiences.

We present our subject material in 'blocks' that last between 5-12 weeks. Therefore, we encourage the children to attend regularly so they can gain maximum benefit.

Although our message – the simple is often the most profound - is tailored to interest all ages from 2-102 years, we also take into account each person's Read all the stages here:  Stage of Faith Development

Here is an excerpt for primary school age children:

Mythic-Literal Faith:

Here the child develops a way of dealing with
the world and making meaning that now criticizes and evaluates the
previous stage of imagination and fantasy. The gift of this stage is
narrative. The child now can really form and re-tell powerful stories
that grasp his or her experiences of meaning. There is a quality of
literalness about this. The child is not yet ready to step outside the
stories and reflect upon their meanings. The child takes symbols and
myths at pretty much face value, though they may touch or move him or
her at a deeper level.”

  Robyn, Kim, Rhonda, Sue