A sacred community space; come and feel for yourself the warmth of our community and the wonderful ambience that is created by the magnificent old buildings surrounded by their lovely gardens. Discover this place for special, sacred times; baptisms, weddings and funerals, a place to celebrate life.

Enjoy this place of hospitality for concerts, entertaining and exhibitions.

And share this place of delight, a home for many community groups and events.

Our commitment to community is given a ‘real’ expression in practical terms through continuing to maintain a precinct that welcomes all, especially those service groups that could not otherwise operate.

God of Love, our promise of Life
We know your presence in our lives and in our hearts,
In Divine righteousness we seek your purpose and your promise.

Sunday morning worship 9.15am

Community Spaces pdf

The AA Groups

continue to meet in the hall and provide much needed support to those who attend. It is a real example of ‘giving’ when we appreciate that the whole program is run by volunteers, like us they seek to give others a chance of new life, and affirm our own efforts in making real “A New Creation” for all regardless of race, creed, colour or any other differentiation.

Support for Refugees

Our reaching out and support for refugees is very much made real by Just Manna and our commitment to Children in Nepal continues to be managed by IGWR ; for both groups the hall provides a meeting place and offers opportunities for small fundraising initiatives.

Saturday morning breakfast club:

It has been a delight to see how this simple activity of coffee and light breakfast snack in the area surrounding our new kitchen has taken off. It runs most Saturday mornings from 8am through to 10am, we charge $5 for bottomless coffee and breakfast snack. The positives are, we all have a good time, fantastic coffee and food and we make a small profit of round $50 which covers some of our on going church maintenance costs. Everyone is welcome to come along on Saturday morning.

Elders Morning Teas

Our monthly “Elders Morning Teas” offers an opportunity for senior citizens in the local community to both share a time of hospitality together and at the same time hear interesting speakers and acquire new skills.

First Tuesday Club

Another monthly meeting where community members can join together for fun, fellowship and sharing of passions and pleasures

Music and Movement

Music & Movement have always been alive and well in the hall; the community choir and three different dance classes carry on a long tradition as do the “Ladies Badminton Group” that meet each Wednesday morning.

Graffiti Wall

This year we started a new tradition with the “graffiti wall’ and were delighted by the work of Muslim youth group who decorated our wall for the festival of Ramadam.

We continue to live into “A New Creation” as we seek to engage heritage architects to complete a conservation & restoration analysis for the community hall.

The Community hall continues to be a heart in the community and we delight in all who come and share in the life of the St Paul’s precinct.


St Paul's is grateful for the generosity of  Lotterywest for their financial assistance for conservation work to our heritage listed community hall.

Work is expected to commence in March 2015