Ministry Groups

Beyond St Paul’s

Much of our “ministry” and our contribution to the wider community takes place “beyond’ the parish. We currently have four distinct groups that contribute together to our “giving’ in the wider community:

St Paul's ministry groups offer participants the opportunity to offer service to the greater community, whether it's the local parish or the broader communities in which we're located.

Music Team/Choir

Pastoral Care

In Giving We Receive IGWR: supporting over 60 children in Nepal and working with three schools to improve educational opportunities

In Giving We Receive Newsletter

Postcards from Kathmandu, Nepal

Just Manna working with New Australians and the disadvantaged

Prayer Chain

Beyond St Paul’s INC: is operational but with little activity and is there to provide financial management directed toward our ministries beyond the parish.

Reach for Life: providing restorative justice programs in our prison system.

Music Team

St Paul's Music Ministry plays an active and integral part in our regular worship and in outreach to the wider community. We have a small, committed choir leading the congregation in song, and singing at weddings, funerals and other occassions (e.g. bedside healing, ordination, community birthday parties and theme nights) as requested. We sing both traditional hymns and more modern songs, usually with keyboard accompaniment, as well as some original chants.

The choir is augmented for special services, such as our Nine Lessons and Carols service, by members of the congregation who are unable to sing each week; we also welcome visiting relative and friends' contributions.

We provide the 'unplugged' Taize style chants, guitar and harmonies for the monthly, candlelit Heartsong service. The role of music in our parish enhances the worship and perhaps makes the word of God more accessible for some. the music is carefully chosen to reflect the community of St Paul's and to compliment the Bible readings, whilst being mindful too of global events.


Pastoral Care

In a church community people usually try to help and care for each other. Pastoral Carers are part of that, but they are also responsible for extra care including:

  • visiting nursing homes and giving communion;
  • visiting church members in hospital;
  • visiting those who are sick at home, helping with meals, and giving emotional support where needed;
  • praying for and encouraging those who need it;
  • making phone calls;
  • sending cards and just being available whenever possible.

This is not a fixed group so we invite any who feel they can contribute to this ministry. Please keep these details to refer to whenever the need arises for you or for others that you know

Claire Barendrecht 0415745812
Susan Grace

The Ministry to Nursing Homes

The Ministry to Nursing Homes began in 1970 under the leadership of the Rev. Ron Davies with a group of Mothers' Union Members, who included Jean Angove and Elsa MacRae. They began visiting frail aged people in the Grosvenor Nursing Home and Joan Matthews became a member of this group. Joan records her memories of how this ministry has continued:

Eventually this service was left to a small group of parishioners. In addition to the Rector, the Rev. Peter Humphris, regular members of this ministry include Claire Barendrecht, Kim Kemp. Other parishioners, such as Ivy Cray, have maintained individual contacts with some of the aged residents, visiting one lady at the Skye Nursing Home for many years.

When the Grosvenor was closed we began to take monthly services in the Skye Nursing Home and the Fremantle Nursing Home. We arranged Christmas parties and, with the help of the parish community , were able to distribute gifts, totalling 135, to residents from four nursing homes.

We still visit Carrington Lodge where about 22 residents enjoy a little service with singing and praying. Val Pearson regularly comes to help with this service. At Christmas time the St Paul's choir visits Fremantle Hospital and sings for the children. We also make individual visits to Carinya, Braemar, the Italian Village and Hale House.


We have a Prayer Chain for people with special needs, both within our parish community and in a wider circle. People contact the Chain with prayer requests and those needs are passed on to the members of the Prayer Chain. Each member is contacted by the person before them on the “chain” with details of prayer requests. The members then uphold those people in our prayers. We have had some mighty answers to prayer, and people also feel cherished by loving thoughts.

Contact Rosemary Spark 0414268043 with your requests

Prayer Chain