Drug-Arm Drug Awareness and Relief

A-Z of Drugs  Drug Awareness and Relief

Drug Information Drugnet

Drug Info Australian Drug Foundation ADF

Teenagers and Drugs Pat Ritter Go to each drug to read extensive information

Drug Intoxication and Withdrawal Symptoms Chart Drugnet

Drugs and Alcohol Reach Out

Drugs .U The Source

Drug Effects Chart Drugnet

Drug Information@Your Local Library

Drug and Alcohol Office Health Department of WA

School Drug Education Project W.A.

Teen Challenge World Wide Network Drug Information  In order to be able to fight drugs, it is important to know all you can about them

Drug Facts Family Drug Support Australia

Family Drug Support Australia

ADCA National Resource Centre information clearinghouse for the Australian alcohol and other drugs field

Drugs: The facts, the risks, the reality

National Drugs Campaign Department of Health and Ageing

Western Australian Network of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies 

Drugsafe Life Education Australia

Drugs and Alcohol Parenting School Age Department for Community Development

Australian Drug Foundation

Australian Drug Information Network ADIN

National Drug Research Institute Curtin

National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction

Centre for Youth Drug Studies

Thamkrabok Foundation Bangkok Detoxification & Drug Treatment Services Incorp in Western Australia

Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCDWeb of Addictions

Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation

Youth Suicide in Western Australia Involving Cannabis and Other Drugs pdf WA Strategy Against Drug Abuse Occasional Paper

Illicit Drug Use Research Curtin Health Services

Teenagers and Drugs Better Health

Teenagers and drugs Disability Online

Back To Basics: Some Issues in the Drugs Debate Geoff Page Quadrant Magazine Jan 1999

100% in control Queensland Government

NSW Office of Drug Policy links

Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia (has useful links)  

Drug addiction of teenagers myth or reality

ID Learning To Be You BBC Education

Drug Enforcement AdministrationUS

Drugscope UK

Methamphetamine Links and Meth Information; laboratories, ingredients, manufacturing labs, effects and trends


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