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Anglican History Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

What Happened in the Sixteenth Century Outburst of a New Christian Art; Printed Bibles; Luther; Protestant Reformation; Calvin; Jesuits Through Church History Century by Century Christian History Institute

Preface to a Necessary Doctrine Henry VIII, King of England Christian History Institute

On Religion, 1583 Queen Elizabeth 1 Internet Modern History Sourcebook .

Anglican Timeline Society of Archbishop Justus

The English Reformation Professor Andrew Pettegree BBC

The Reformation in England World History at KMLA

Protestant England World Civilizations Richard Hooke

Church History The Anglican Domain

The Thirty-nine Articles of Religion The Articles of 1571 given in English and Latin Christian Classics Ethereal Library

An Exposition of the Thirtynine Articles W. G. WILSON, and J.H. TEMPLETON. DUBLIN Association for Promoting Christian Knowledge

The 39 Articles of Religion -from A Prayer Book for Australia updated to contemporary language by C. Appleby with reference to an English Prayer Book.

A Contemporary Version of the 39 Articles of Religion -from An English Prayer Book with permission from the Church Society

39 Articles - sermons on the meaning of the founding articles of the Anglican Church Sojourner's Resources

Negating the 39 Articles Vernon Staley, The Catholic Religion: A Manual of   Instruction for Members of the Anglican Church , London: 1924)

The 39 Articles Today Robert D. Crouse part of a conference report of the Atlantic Theological Conference (The Thirty-Nine Articles , ed. G.R. Bridge)

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