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Baptism Again!

Like last Sunday we have an account of the Baptism of Jesus once again as our Gospel reading today.
Perhaps those who prepare the lectionary (the schedule of daily readings) knew that we would need reminding - Nativity, Baptism, Birth, Creation, all ask us to consider the orientation of life and the part we play in the making of the future.

The LORD called me before I was born,
while I was in my mother's womb he named me.
he made me a polished arrow, in his quiver he hid me away.
And he said to me, "You are my servant, Israel, in whom I will be glorified."



"The Lord called me before I was born, while I was in my mother's womb he named me..”


What’s the significance of the tree symbol?

We’ve used the icon of a tree throughout the year and especially at Christmas as it gives us a grounded, or earthed, image for contemplation, and thereby encourages us to look at ourselves. Although not readily seen as a classic “Christian” image or symbol, it also serves to remind us of ‘the one who dies on a tree’ and the many references to trees throughout the Scriptures.



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This week's Newletter

Do you know we use our Community Hall, kitchen and other facilities for our celebrations and weekly and monthlyactivities, and that many other groups in our community use it as well?

Our commitment to community is given a ‘real’ expression in practical terms through continuing to maintain a precinct that welcomes all, especially those service groups that could not otherwise operate.

Elders Morning Tea

Community Precinct and the Hall

On behalf of the St Paul’s Council and community, we wish to express our sincere appreciation for the financial contribution from Lotterywest for the conservation work to our heritage listed community hall. Without this financial support from Lotterywest, we would not have had the capacity to undertake the required conservation work to ensure our facility remains a meeting place for so many different community groups.

St Paul’s is committed to growing community & sharing our facilities with the wider community and greatly appreciates the partnership with Lotterywest to assist us to continue to serve the community

Letter of appreciation to LotteryWest July 2016


Kitchen by Lotterywest

IGWR Inc website

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Christmas 2015 Christmas 2015


Divine Love
We are servants formed to reflect divine glory
and we seek to become a light for all peoples.
Christ reveals the gift of Divine grace,
and in our being together
we too reveal and make manifest a variety of gifts,
all of which are one and the same when birthed in Love.

Why come to church?

There are many and varied reasons that bring us here Sunday by Sunday: our personal journey and our innate desire for ‘community’ being just two.
We also enter into a ‘conversation’ that takes us beyond the everyday, a dialogue with and between ourselves and our calling into full humanity. And we come to encounter the Divine as we consume the sacraments, a process that mirrors our desire to be consumed by love’s Divine fire.

What is the dance after the Service?
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